Break The Mold

Entry in the 7DRL Challenge 2019.

Hitchhiking through the galaxy is fun, they said. You'll see lots of interesting planets and species, they said.
Well, now you're stranded on this backwater little planet the guide described simply as "mostly harmless" and just because the locals have never seen a giant slime mold before, you've been abducted and are being held captive in an underground research facility as a specimen.
You've got to flee.

Try to find the exit from the lab. Engulf guards and absorb them to become bigger. Beware of the grenades, though.

Roguelike Challenge

  • Written in PureScript
  • I've ported some basic routines for path finding and field of view to PureScript from a game I had started to write in Haskell


This game is Free Software. The Source is available on Bitbucket


Download 46 kB

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